Are you a music educator or blogger?
Take a look at an example site which uses SoundScholar to organize it's content:
Notice the way the content is presented and organized.
Specifically, see the list of works, then click on a specific title.
There is a lot of content for the site owner to present effectively. There are multiple videos associated with a single work, cross-referenced articles, images within the articles, and some also have audio files included.
A typical CMS (Content Management System) is not optimized for musicians and music educators. SoundScholar makes managing music-oriented content easy and efficient.
 Yes, absolutely Soundscholar has been a complete game changer for our website. It is so well organized now, and easy to keep organized. 
- Heather De Rome
Not a music educator or blogger?
All musicians will find SoundScholar useful to manage their repertoire information.
For example:
  • · Connect with others within the app with SoundScholar accounts to communicate or collaborate
  • · Songwriters: Keep lyrics, notes and ideas attached to titles
  • · Soloists: Generate playlists from your repertoire to access at gigs
  • · Gain high level insight into your repertoire with generated statistics (e.g. what % of my repertoire is in a minor key?)
Used in these ways, it is not necessary to connect your website to SoundScholar - it can be used as a stand alone application.
SoundScholar is genre agnostic!
Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop... SoundScholar works equally well regardless of the genre or genres you play.
If you have questions, or would like a demo: Contact Us!